Joe Cuellar

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Joe you and your team performed wonderfully and at an extremely fast pace. Everything went very smooth. San Jacinto Title did a great job too. You guys have definitely set the Benchmark of how all Mortgage Company transactions should be like. Joe please give my thanks to your team. You restored my faith in Mortgage Lenders! I will tell you when my house warming party will be, bring Laura and make sure to bring your business cards. I have to admit, at first I doubted that you close in 8 days, but I am living proof of it!
Eva M.

It is a true pleasure and it’s easy to say good things about your Team, believe it or not Sandy and I were thinking of you guys. We are starting a home building business and we were thinking of who we would recommend our customers for their lending needs. Well we wouldn’t dare send them to anyone else but the nice folks who treated us like family. Joe Cuellar, it has been a pleasure to work with you and we will definitely send all of our clients your way. You guys keep up the good work! And most importantly thanks for helping us with our home loan! God Bless
Sandy and Rick B.

The whole process of the loan and getting all the paperwork together to you and Laura was really pretty seamless and the closing went very smooth as well. I wish I would have come to you years ago when I first wanted to buy a house and several of my friends recommended you to me. I didn’t know anything about the mortgage process and was scared to take the first step and also a coworker had told me of her horrible experience with some mortgage clown who gave her a loan at a ridiculous rate. Thanks again for everything; you’re a miracle worker and I thank God for having put you in my path! I will highly recommend you guys to all my friends. Keep in touch and take care and YES I DO OWE YOU A BBQ!
E. Garcia

Joe I have to tell you, I really do appreciate your quick responsiveness and taking time to work with me. You even came in on a Sunday to meet with me, wow! The other company I worked with previously (the one that caused me to spend thousands of dollars and delayed my closing for 4 months), was horrible and never returned any of my calls. I felt like I had to beg for a little of their time to find out of my home loan. It was a horrible thing to go through.” “You are great with emails & texts and getting things done fast!!! For this I owe you Big Time” “I could see that you love your job and your company, because you reflect it in everything you do. To whoever is reading this, dealing with Joe and his team was like night and day from my previous experience. Joe really is hands on and will explain the whole process, step by step. How great (and unusual) is that?? And for those of us with special situations and concerns about our credit, you will definitely appreciate how you will be treated and the genuine advice that Joe will give you, he was like a Big Brother in all of his advice to us.
Mr. & Mrs. L. Gonzalez

I feel that every effort was utilized to process my refinance request in a timely manner. I went from an 8.5% interest rate on an ARM loan to 4.5% fixed rate with no penalties. Joe even took the time to show me how I can turn my 30 year loan into less than 14 years with only paying a little extra every month. He always said “it’s the Mortgage Program that will save you time and money” and he was right! I also appreciate all the courteous attention that I received from both Laura and Elizabet. There is nothing like a great TEAM… Extra kudos to Joe for answering all of the million of questions I asked him and he answered every one of them with great knowledge and in a very precise manner. He really went the extra mile to not only close the loan fast, but also to make sure I was happy with the outcome. GREAT JOB JOE AND TEAM!!!!
Edward D and Family

As first time home buyers we want to say thank you to Joe Cuellar, Laura, Elizabeth and his entire staff because they were simply amazing helping obtaining our Home Loan! They walked us through the entire process with ease and answering every question we had along the way no matter how trivial our questions were. The whole process was extremely fast from what we were expecting and even had our interest rate changed to a better rate when it became available. Again we are simply amazed how wonderful Mr. Cuellar and his entire staff made this transaction for us to become home owners. If there had to be a rating for Mr. Cuellar compared to other mortgage companies, Mr. Cuellar sets the bar for every one else. Ten thumbs up! from all five of us!!
The Krzeszewski Family

Rick and Sara here. We wanted to give you a BIG THANKS of appreciation. Our home buying experience was extremely pleasant. Above and beyond your excellent professionalism, we noticed that you had a caring heart and treated us like your most valued customer before, during and after the mortgage process. It was your attitude of service that we most admire. We are very grateful that our first time home buying experience was smooth from start to finish. We shall continue to recommend people to you for a lifetime because we know that you will take care of those we recommend just like you helped us
Rick & Sara Reyna Family

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